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About returned goods / exchange

Return procedure
Please input from the Contact Us form after filling in the necessary matter, order ID (stated in the invoice).
We will notify you by e-mail address of return address within 3 business days.
Please return the item to the return address.
Return Contact Us · Returnable period

Customers who wish to return goods please contact us from the Contact Us form within 7th days after delivery.
※ Please note that returns of goods past the above period can not be accepted.

※ Please note that returns of goods past the above period can not be accepted.
* We are sending to the e-mail address you ordered normally.
Please be careful when the e-mail address you received when ordering is different from the e-mail address when Contact Us .
Others, customers who do not receive mail "About e-mail"Please refer to the.

Return shipping fee

In the case of return due to customer's convenience, the shipping fee for return will be paid by the customer.
Please understand beforehand that return shipping fee will not be accepted.

* Please understand that returns and exchanges at shops of products purchased on this site can not be accepted.
In that case, customs duty · consumption tax will be paid by the customer, so please be forewarned.

Packing method


Packing method



We will process the refund after receiving the goods returned from the customer.
Shipping fee will be refundable. (Excluding cases in case of product defect / misdelivery etc.)
Please be forewarned that it may take several days to complete the refund procedure.


We will refund to credit card. Depending on the settlement date etc, there may be refunds for the following month.
For questions about credit cards such as the settlement date, please Contact Us your credit card company.




Customers Returned Customers

In that case, we will refund your bank account so we will refund you there.

Customers Returned Parts


If you can not accept returns

Please note that returned goods can not be accepted if the following conditions apply.

  1. Items that have passed 8th or more after delivery
  2. Items that were used for items outside
  3. Even if you try it indoors, products that have scratches, dirt, wrinkles on your behalf
  4. Items of goods, shoe boxes, invoices, etc. have been lost or damaged
  5. Products purchased outside this site
  6. Returned goods in cash on delivery (excluding cases of misdelivery or misdelivery)
In case of product defect / misdelivery

We are sorry for the inconvenience. I'm sorry to trouble you, but please Contact Us us.




I want to return the item
  1. Regarding the return of goodsHerePlease refer to the.
I want to exchange goods
  1. We are going to replace and replace with "Return of item at hand" and "New purchase of desired products".
Can you exchange if you go to the store?
  1. We are sorry, but we can not accept returns / exchanges of products purchased at this site at the store.
    When you wish to return or exchange, be sure to visit our siteContact Us formPlease contact us.
Where should the delivery company be when returning?
  1. Since there is no specification of a delivery company at the time of returning, please use a convenient delivery company.
What happens to the shipping fee when I return it?
  1. The size does not match, the image is different, etc. Please return the return of customer convenience by postage prepayment.
    Please understand beforehand that we can not accept shipping fee cash on delivery shipping fee.
How much is the shipping fee when you return it?
  1. The shipping fee depends on the area of ​​your residence and the shipping company you use.
How can I pack the goods at the time of return?
  1. Please return the invoice enclosed at the time of delivery, etc. in the same condition as when you arrived at your hand.
    Please be sure to put it in a paper bag etc when you are dispose of cardboard in which the product is put.
    For more information"About returned goods / exchange"Please refer to the.
  1. ご返送いただいた商品が弊社に到着し、処理が完了した後にご返金いたします。ご返金方法は、お支払い方法により異なります。
  2. クレジット払いの場合…ご返送いただいた商品代金をクレジットカードへのご返金また、一部商品返品の場合には金額を修正した額の引き落としとなります。
  3. 代引きの場合…お客様ご指定の口座へのお振込み
  4. 後払いの場合…請求書はお支払いにならず、弊社にて請求をお止めいたします。
  5. また、一部商品返品の場合には金額を修正した請求書を再発行いたします。
I did an Contact Us returned goods but there was no reply
  1. Depending on your e-mail, it may be sorted automatically into the spam folder.
    For more information"About e-mail」をご覧ください。お手数お掛けいたしますが、メールフォルダをよくご確認の上、ご不明な場合はお問い合わせください。
    Also, in case of using mobile mail, please cancel the reception refusal setting.
    In addition, the mail principle that describes your return address, will be sent to the e-mail address that we received input at the time of your order, your Contact Us when, we recommend the input of the e-mail address at the time of your order.
There is a hole in the heel part of both feet. I want to return for defective goods
  1. In the process of manufacturing shoes, to fix the leather to the last , it is a hole that can be made when striking a nail. Please do not worry because it is not a defective product.
I bought two pairs with different brands, but the size feeling is different. One side is not a regular size
  1. Both are regular sizes. As comfort differs not only from the brand but also from last design, design, materials, please be forewarned.
Buy 22.5 cm items. I measured 23.0 cm when measuring the (shoe) sole thought that it was big. Is it a defective product?
  1. The size of the notation is not the actual size of the shoe but the size of the feet worn by that shoe so it is not a defective product, so please understand.
    Adjustments are accepted at nearby stores, so please use it by all means.
Items different from orders arrived
  1. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We will look for items and exchange them,Contact Us formPlease contact us.
    When products are sold out, we will only accept returns.
A defective item arrived
  1. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We will look for items and exchange them,Contact Us formPlease contact us.
    When products are sold out, we will only accept returns.