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About shoes · bag repair

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Repair of a shoe example

top lift ( top lift) replacement

Replace the tip of the heel .

heel replacement / heel heel winding replacement

Replace the heel part.

Insole replacement

I will replace the insole.

sole replacement

Replace (shoe) sole.

tip rubber replacement

It is replacement of the rubber part at the tip of the shoe.

merry sole

Attach the rubber sole to the front part of (shoe) sole.
It is also recommended for people worried about slipping the (shoe) sole .

Bag repair example

Repair of handle

replacement handle

handle section.

handle repair

handle We will repair.

Trim handle

We will adjust to your desired length when the handle is long.

metal fitting repair

metal fitting repair

Repair handle and the metal part connecting the main unit.

metal fitting replacement

Replace handle and the metal part connecting the main body.

Repair of the clasp

Repair of clasp

We will repair the metal part that holds the mouth of the bag.

replacement clasp

We will replacement metal part that holds the mouth of the bag.

hook replacement

We will replace the hook .

replacement zipper and lining

zipper replacement

Replace zipper.

lining replacement

Replace the lining of the bag.

open seam repair

We will repair the spots where we can scratch.

About repair price and repair days

(Because the repair shop is implementing measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)
· Please bring both feet when repairing shoes.
· Depending on the specifications of the product and the degree of repair, price and repair period may change.
· Materials of the same color same color may not be available.
· There are times when you can not accept repair depending on the type of goods.
· There are cases where you will receive many repair periods during the large consecutive holidays such as New Year's holidays.
· Depending on the area of ​​the store, there are cases where you will receive more repair period due to transportation convenience.

GINZA Kanematsu

Repair location Domestic production import
Price tax included tax Days Price tax included tax Days
top lift replacement Small [less than 3 cm × 3 cm] ¥1,540 21st ¥2,090 28th
Big ¥2,090 ¥2,750
heel replacement leather ¥4,620 28th ¥7,700 40th
Other than leather ¥4,840 ¥7,920
Wedge ¥5,390 ¥8,250
Other · special Request a quote Request a quote
Insole replacement normal ¥1,540 21st ¥2,750 28th
processing ¥2,090 -
sole replacement Synthesis ¥7,700 28th ¥15,400 40th
leather ¥10,780 ¥21,560
sole tip cover Synthesis ¥2,310 28th ¥3,520 28th
leather ¥3,190 ¥4,840
merry sole Synthesis ¥3,850 28th ¥5,500 28th
leather ¥5,390 ¥7,700
zipper [One foot] ¥4,620 28th ¥7,700 28th
slider [One foot] ¥3,080 28th ¥4,070 28th
buckle [Strap · Eyelet / Rivet etc] ¥1,760 21st ¥3,080 28th
sole repair (sole attachment) [Adhesion of the sole] ¥1,540 21st ¥2,750 28th
fraying repair Small [Belt missing / ribbon fixing etc] ¥1,540 28th ¥2,750 28th
Large [Upper part] ¥3,080 ¥5,500
Belt rubber exchange ¥2,310 28th ¥3,520 28th
heel slip (inside of heel repair) [Repair of inner part of heel ] ¥4,620 28th ¥6,930 28th
Decoration exchange Request a quote Request a quote

Repair location Price tax included tax Days
handle repair ¥1,650 〜 ¥44,000 35日~
Metal Fittingl repair ¥1,650 〜 ¥27,500 35日~
zipper repair ¥1,650 〜 ¥22,000 35日~
fraying repair ¥1,650 〜 ¥27,500 25日~
lining repair ¥11,000 〜      45日~
Other Request a quote