About adjustment

Subtle changes may occur in comfort while using shoes. If you have "shoe scuff, heel off, loose" etc, we will accept fitting adjustment free of charge.

A bit tight · Partially hits

Extend the width

Adjustment is also possible when saying "I want a little room for width." Adjustment here is also effective for those who have higher instep .

Partially stretch

"The overall comfort is good, but it hits partly" is also adjustable. It is effective for those who need partial adjustment such as leg bones getting out a little or winding nails.

Loosen leather

Adjustment is also possible when "wear mouth bites" or "hit ankle". By tapping the leather we loosen the fiber and thin the thickness.

Extend the cylinder

"The circumference of the feet is right, but the cylinder is tight" "When you think about making a boots in, you can adjust it a little more when you want a margin around the cylinder". Those who are slow at feet are advised to visit us during the time of swelling.

I want a little loose · fit

Fill space

"Width is a little loose" "It is possible to adjust when the foot slips forward and the heel seems to come out". You can cut it according to your feet or combine it.
※ Unlike commercially available anti-slip etc., because the insoles are turned around, it does not matter how it looks when removed.

Notes on adjustment

Besides the above, there are adjustment methods suitable for your feet and shoes, so please feel free to visit us.

Please be careful
  • · Even if you visit us at the adjustment request of the item you purchased on this site, we may recommend returning or exchanging if it does not fit your feet.
  • * In particular, it is difficult to stretch the shoes vertically, so it is advisable to exchange or return to another size if the length is not clearly obvious.
  • · We will not be able to accept returned goods / exchanges after adjustment, so when you come to the store please tell the staff that it is a product purchased on this site.
  • · We can not accept returns / exchanges at shops of products you have. Please Contact Us us if you wish to return or exchange.
  • There are individual differences in comfort. Please be forewarned that we can not be able to promise that we can be comfortable to wear.
  • · Please note that we can not accept any adjustment other than our products.