About care

Basic care 3 steps (with explanation movie)

  • STEP 1

    Remove dust and dirt with brushing.

  • STEP 2

    When polished with a cloth, fine texture comes out.

  • STEP 3

    Protect your shoes from rain and dirt with a water repellent spray.

※ Similar material may become stain depending on processing method. When using sprays and creams, be sure to try in an unobtrusive place and make sure that they do not stain.

Basic care

Caring for rainy days

Maintenance method by material (with explanation movie)

Smooth leather

Apply the shoe cream after removing the dirt with a special cleaner. I am familiar with the whole cream and put out the polish gloss with the cloth etc. to the finish.

Material Notation:Calf, Kip, Steer, kid , Goat, Sheep etc

Raised leather

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt in your hair. The dirt that is hard to fall is removed with a special sponge or raw rubber cleaner. Spraying a nutrient mist can nourish the brushed leather and maintain its color tone. Please brush after drying and prepare the coat. Due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration will occur even in normal use. Be particularly careful when using in white clothes, light clothes and socks.

Material Notation:suede , nubuck, velor etc


Since it is a cross after removing the dirt with the enamel dedicated lotion, I put out a shiny gloss. Please note that applying a water repellent spray will cause cloudy weather. Let's store leathers a little apart to prevent color transfer when storing.

Material Notation:enamel

Glossy leather

Textured leather such as foil processing please remove dust and dirt with brushing, please protect shoes from dirt with water repellent spray. After brushing the leather with no surface roughness, such as pearl processing, the finish is specially blended with a cream for exclusive use of glossy leather, and then the finish is finished with a cloth etc.

Material Notation:metallic processing, pearl processing, etc.


Remove dirt with an eraser type cleaner. If the water soaks in, it will lose color and cause a shape change. Please wipe off immediately if it gets wet.

Material Notation:Fabric, satin , jacquard, velvet, grosgrain etc

Synthetic leather

Please wipe the whole with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Be careful not to wipe off the moisture as it may cause deterioration.

Material Notation:Smooth (synthetic leather), suede (synthetic leather), etc.